What should women pay attention to when running

1. What should women pay attention to when running? Warm up before running

Before long-distance running, you should first do warm-up exercises for 5-10 minutes, such as walking and stretching exercises. You should make sure that your joints feel hot, your body temperature rises, and your heart beats a little faster. Keep your hands on your hips and move your ankles alternately on your toes. Bend your knees and squat, lift your heels, and practice repeatedly for 3 to 5 times to move both knees. Alternately raise and abduct both lower limbs to move the hip joint. Press and pull leg muscles and ligaments in front, back, left and right lunges.

2. What should women pay attention to when running? Mastering correct running posture

Correct running technical action: after starting, bend both arms to 90 degrees, and naturally swing back and forth with the rhythm of running, with the shoulder joint as the axis. The range of swing back and forth should not be too large. During running, the back pedal of the thigh should be fully powerful, and the front swing should be about 45 degrees. This can make the abdominal muscles tense, the toes should face the direction of running, the landing should be gently extended forward, and the action should be relaxed.

3. What physiological period should women pay attention to when running? Don’t run

In particular, you can’t do any exercise in the first three days, including yoga and stretching. You can walk or walk slightly from four to six days, and jog slightly on the seventh day. This week, you can mainly do some exercises with slow speed, small action range and small amount of exercise. After a week, you can gradually return to core training and other exercises.

4. What should women pay attention to when running? Don’t run when you are in a bad mood

When you are in a bad mood, don’t take strenuous exercise. You can only choose slow and small exercise, such as jogging or walking, listening to music, strolling and so on.

5. What should women pay attention to when running? Choose suitable sports underwear

Precautions for women’s running breasts: women with large breasts must not wear steel ring bras. They can choose large sports bras or pregnant women bras. When running, they should be as smooth as possible, avoid shaking up and down or left and right, do not lift their legs behind, and keep their feet close to the ground with a small range. Women with small breasts should not wear a particularly thick sponge bra, but should choose a thinner bra with good ventilation.

Benefits of long-term running for women

1. Keep in good shape

By running three times a week, women can fight the risk of gaining weight. Even if you don’t deliberately control your diet, you won’t grow an ugly little belly.

2. Better memory

People who regularly run will have more elastic cardiovascular and cerebrovascular systems and smoother blood circulation. Research data show that people who like sports have 1-1.5 million more red blood cells per cubic millimeter of blood than ordinary people, and their blood circulation is also 2 times higher than that of ordinary people. The increased red blood cells and blood circulation can provide more oxygen and nutrition to the brain tissue, so that the brain can move more freely and think more quickly.

3. Better skin

Research shows that physical exercise can help resist skin aging and make skin look younger, even 10 years younger. Because exercise can accelerate blood circulation and improve skin metabolism.

4. Reduce the incidence rate of breast cancer and other cancers

For women, reducing the incidence rate of breast cancer and other cancers has a lot to do with the number and intensity of sports. Women who regularly participate in exercise, including running, especially those who run for more than 4 hours a week, have a 37% lower incidence rate than those who sit at work and at home for a long time.

Women’s running taboo

1. Avoid running in the fog.

There are many harmful substances in the fog, such as acid, alkali, salt, amine, benzene, enzyme, etc. at the same time, there are also some dust, pathogenic microorganisms and parasitic eggs. Running in the fog can easily cause rhinitis, laryngitis, tracheitis and other allergic diseases. Moreover, due to the thin oxygen in the fog, the oxygen supply to the body will be insufficient, resulting in chest tightness, fatigue and other adverse reactions. In addition, it is not advisable to run too early in the morning, because many harmful substances in the air at night have not been dispersed, and inhalation of these harmful substances will be harmful to health.

2. Long distance running is not suitable on an empty stomach.

Because there is no food in the stomach and the energy supply is insufficient when running on an empty stomach, the gastric juice secretion is exuberant, which is easy to cause stomach pain and duodenal ulcer. If you have a long fitness run in the morning, you can drink a small cup of sugar water or eat less snacks. In addition, it is not advisable to run before and after meals. Running after meals or eating immediately after running will reduce the secretion of gastric acid, affect the digestion of food, and cause stomach disease over time. Generally, it is better to run and exercise one hour after meals.

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