How about drinking water while eating?

When you eat, you always want to drink water unconsciously. So, is it good to drink water while eating?

Digestion of food is mainly completed in the gastrointestinal tract. Drinking water may reduce the concentration of saliva and dilute part of gastric juice, resulting in poor digestion and absorption of food.

Under normal circumstances, as soon as you smell the smell of food, your mouth begins to secrete saliva. Saliva can help digest food and lubricate food for swallowing. In addition, when chewing food, it will further stimulate saliva secretion. Therefore, chewing and swallowing slowly are more conducive to the swallowing and digestion of food, rather than using water to help swallowing.

It is generally not recommended to drink water while eating. If you feel dry mouth, you can drink a bowl of soup before dinner and drink a little in the rice. The protein, oil and other components contained in the soup will also stimulate the production of digestive juice, which can offset the adverse consequences of diluting digestive juice to a certain extent.

When the food is dry and the saliva secretion is insufficient, it is no problem to drink some water in moderation when eating. Especially those with oral and throat diseases, or the elderly and children, wet and soft food is easy to swallow.

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