Getting up in the morning and staying in bed for 10 minutes is not easy to get old

“The plan of the day is in the morning”. A healthy life should start in the morning. Every action and detail after getting up may affect your health. Especially for women, we should pay attention to health preservation in the morning. The following editor tells you to do 10 “1 minutes” in the morning to be healthier.

You should not get up immediately when you wake up in the morning. This is because just after waking up from sleep, the body changes from an inhibited state to an excited state, but this change also requires an adaptation process. If you sit up and get out of bed immediately, it is very dangerous, because the blood in the brain suddenly flows downward, resulting in temporary ischemia and hypoxia, dizziness, dizziness and other discomfort, and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents.

Therefore, after waking up in the morning, you can close your eyes and refresh yourself first, and then do “1 minute” health exercise in bed, which is beneficial to prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and enhance organ function.

1. Comb your hair with your fingers for 1 minute

Combing with your fingers from the forehead to the back of your head can not only enhance the blood circulation of your head, increase the blood flow of your brain, prevent brain vascular diseases, but also nourish your hair roots and make your hair black and shiny.

2. Gently rub the earrings for 1 minute

Gently rub the left and right earrings with your fingers until you get hot. The ears are full of acupoints, which can dredge the meridians, especially for tinnitus, dizziness, forgetfulness and other diseases.

3. Turn eye movement eyes for 1 minute

Moving the eyes clockwise and counterclockwise can exercise the function of eye muscles and make them refreshing and eye-catching.

4. Rub your nose with your thumb for 1 minute

Rubbing your nose up and down with your thumbs can prevent nasal congestion and runny nose caused by catching cold in the morning and prevent colds.

5. Tapping and tongue rolling for 1 minute

Tapping the teeth can promote the blood circulation of the root of the teeth and play a role in strengthening the teeth. Rolling the tongue can increase the sensitivity of the tongue.

6. Stretch and flex limbs for 1 minute

When you wake up, the blood flow of the body is slow. Through stretching and flexing, the blood can flow back to the whole body quickly, and the flexibility of the large and small joints of the limbs can be enhanced.

7. Gently rub your navel for 1 minute

Rubbing the navel alternately with the palms of both hands has the effect of refreshing and Tonifying Qi. There are Shenque, Guanyuan, Qihai, Dantian, Zhongwan and other acupoints on and below the navel, especially Shenque can prevent and treat stroke.

8. Pull in the abdomen and lift the anus for 1 minute

Repeated contraction can lift the anus, enhance the contractile force of the anal sphincter, promote blood circulation, and prevent hemorrhoids.

9. Pedal the foot for 1 minute

Lie on your back and rub the soles of your feet alternately with your feet to make your soles feel warm. There is a spring hole in the foot, which is called the “second heart”. Pedaling and rubbing the foot center can promote the blood circulation of the whole body, which has the effects of invigorating meridians, spleen and stomach.

10. Turn left and right for 1 minute

Turn over gently on the bed to move the large joints of the spine and the muscles of the waist, and promote the stretching of the limbs.

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