How often can I take a bath after I finish my fitness

how long can we take a bath after fitness? it’s best to take a bath 20-30 minutes after fitness, because when we finish exercising, the pores of our skin are open. If we take a bath at this time, moisture will enter our body and cause damage to bones and joints. Therefore, we should give the body a relaxation period and do not take a bath immediately.

Generally, after health, people will sweat profusely, and immediately washing the body will make people feel fresh and comfortable, but little do they know the harm. In the process of exercise, a large amount of blood in the human body is distributed in the limbs and body surface. Even if the exercise is stopped, the blood will still last for a period of time. If you take a bath immediately, it will lead to blood entering into the muscles. In serious cases, there will be hypoxia and lack of blood supply, which is very dangerous.

As you will sweat a lot during fitness, you should supplement water in time after fitness, but the supplement should not be too much, so as not to bring too much pressure to the heart. Take off wet clothes immediately after fitness, otherwise the acne on the shoulder, back and chest will recur under the friction of wet clothes. In addition, sweat adheres to the skin, which is easy to cause acne.

In addition, you should choose a refreshing bath, because the sebaceous glands secrete more vigorously during fitness. Bathing can not only wash away the dirt accumulated in the skin, promote blood circulation, but also regulate the functions of sebaceous glands and sweat glands, so that pores are unblocked and skin is smoother. Finally, don’t sit down and rest immediately after fitness, but gradually reduce the pressure on the heart and give it a process of relief. This is an important part of life.

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