How to deal with my ex boyfriend’s malicious proposal

letter from netizen warm harbor

The sky is always blue. Hello! I’m your loyal reader. I’ve been in love with my current boyfriend for almost a year. I originally planned to get married on November this year. However, when I was invited to meet his parents at his home last weekend, something unexpected happened that made me very passive. My ex boyfriend Feng (who has broken up for two and a half years) suddenly appeared in front of me and knelt on the ground to propose to me. At that time, I was walking with my boyfriend and his parents in the community, so I was not prepared at all. In fact, Feng and I haven’t seen each other for more than a year, and we haven’t even called much. He suddenly came out like this. I couldn’t control my emotions. I seemed crazy. I kicked him, scolded him in the most vicious language, and told him to get away immediately. I completely lost the reserve that a girl should have. At that time, my boyfriend’s family and the neighbors in the community were looking at me with different eyes. I cried. I know it’s useless to explain it anyway. At such a special time and place, I have a thousand mouths to tell by my ex boyfriend’s calculation… Now my boyfriend and I have proposed to break up. He said that his parents are intellectuals and very shameless people. If he stays with me again, his parents will have no face at all. I said that I had no contact with Feng for a long time. He only did this to retaliate against me. I hope he and his family can forgive me… But I know that his heart has hardened and he can’t listen to my opinions. I also don’t know what to do. I can’t sleep at night. I really want to stab Feng with a knife. He has hurt me enough. When we parted, he owed me 20000 yuan. I didn’t ask him to pay me back. The sky is always blue. Please help me. I am your loyal reader. Please tell me: what should I do? Can you give me a rational suggestion and analysis?

the sky is always blue.

Hello, warm harbor! After reading your letter, the sky is always blue and I am angry. What I am angry about is not only your ex boyfriend’s calculation and revenge, but also your current boyfriend’s stupidity and indecisiveness. After this kind of thing happened, his parents had ideas and felt embarrassed, which is completely understandable. But as your boyfriend, he shouldn’t have such impulsive and foolish behavior. If I were him, I would certainly not easily believe these things. At least I would calm myself down first, and then do some necessary logical analysis when my mood calmed down. Here, the sky is always blue. I suggest that he should consider the following questions:

first, do I really love you

To tell you the truth, according to your boyfriend’s current reaction and performance, the sky is always blue. I really doubt whether he really loves you. If he really loves you, he should not break up with you at this time, but should accompany you more and comfort your wounded heart. Even if he is an uncool silly boy, this kind of stupidity should also be silly on your ex boyfriend (although you don’t want this kind of thing to happen, it may be true for normal emotional psychology).

Therefore, the sky is always blue. I sincerely suggest that your boyfriend should think about this problem carefully. Whether he really loves you is the key to solving your current psychological problems. If you really love you, don’t break up easily. You should calm down and have a good exchange to solve the problems together.

secondly, if I really love you, is everything in the past really that important

If you didn’t hide your past from him very deliberately before, then he has no right to break up on this ground. In today’s era, both men and women in love will have a past history. While allowing their own past, they must also treat others’ past with equal tolerance. In fact, the past has passed, and those who truly love each other will cherish everything now more and create a happy future together.

Of course, as far as the sky is always blue, there are also quite a number of men who only allow state officials to set fire and do not allow people to light lamps. They have always been selfish and narrow-minded. They do not allow their women to have any uncomfortable past, even if it is normal and proper. They wish their women were the first to hold her after birth. For such a man, we can only be sad and speechless, and it is best not to touch him.

thirdly, your ex boyfriend suddenly appeared in his community at such a coincidental time. What does it mean

With all due respect, the sky is always blue. Anyone with a little logical analysis ability can understand that your ex boyfriend openly proposed to you at such a coincidental time when you met your current boyfriend’s parents, and at such a coincidental place as your current boyfriend’s parents’ community… Perhaps even a three-year-old child can understand, that is, this is most likely a kind of retaliation and sabotage. It’s not nice to say that your boyfriend and parents want face and no brains!

fourthly, what does it mean if you break up

If you break up, I think your ex boyfriend will be the happiest. This means that he just beat your current boyfriend with a small trick, and that the men you are with are getting worse and worse. I hope the sky will always be blue. You can turn to your current boyfriend. If he still has a little bit of male blood, he should love you even more. He should never ask for trouble for such a small matter that he despises. He should see, in fact, what a woman you are worth cherishing. Even your boyfriend, who broke up with you for two and a half years, is still reluctant to part with you. He does not hesitate to use such despicable means to destroy and retain you.

Of course, in addition to the above four points, you also need to think about a question: should you continue to walk with such a man? Maybe the sky is always blue because it hurts me to stand and talk. If I were you, I wouldn’t go on with such a man, because he can’t even withstand such a simple test. The sky is always blue. I really can’t have confidence in him in the future!

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