Properly maintained, let the chest say goodbye to sub-health

Is there sub-health in the chest? Women should not be surprised to see this topic, because if you have some habits in your life, it is easy to cause your chest to suffer from unique sub-health, and it may become a disease if it continues to develop.

Although I maintain my chest on time every day, why don’t I see the effect of “warping”? In fact, small habits that seem to have no impact are actually big problems that make you unable to stand up.

Indiscriminate use of beauty products

Most of the breast enhancement products sold in the market contain estrogens such as diethylstilbestrol. After diethylstilbestrol is absorbed through the skin, it will inhibit the secretion of estrogen in the body, affect the development of breast, and even damage liver, kidney and other organs. Be sure to choose healthy breast products from regular businesses.

Wrong massage technique

Many people will pay attention to massage, but they often use the wrong techniques to cause the chest to “shrink”. Have you grasped the beauty points, the appropriate massage strength and the correct massage hand style?

Wearing invisible bra for a long time

The main material of the invisible bra is silicone, which is firmly adhered to the skin by the glue on the inside. As the thickness of silicone itself almost makes the skin impermeable, wearing it for a long time will not only easily cause skin sensitivity, but also cause sagging problems in the chest due to lack of shoulder belt support.

Use hormone drugs with caution

Many women take hormone drugs or use beauty products containing hormones in order to delay aging, which results in endocrine disorders and increases the risk of inducing breast diseases.

Self testing breast health

1. Observation. After removing the clothes on the upper body, stand in front of the dressing glass, with both arms hanging naturally on both sides of the body, and observe the shape of the breast. The normal breast arc contour is symmetrical and regular, without small pits like orange peel, and no liquid overflows from the nipple when squeezed.

2. Touch. Touch the breast to the armpit with your hand, and slide the pulp of your middle finger and index finger in a circle on the breast in one direction to feel whether there is a lump.

3. Supine examination. Lie flat on the bed, take the nipple as the center, and massage the skin with your finger abdomen clockwise. During the inspection, the force should be even, and the fingers should be able to touch and press the ribs.

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