Relieve pressure and walk out of sub-health

The pace of life is fast, and competition is everywhere. In the workplace, it is a world of the jungle. In such a competitive environment, women’s pressure is naturally not small. Here are some experiences to make you a stress free little beauty in the workplace and walk out of sub-health easily!

1. Watch horror movies.

Experts in the UK suggest that people feel pressure at work because of their sense of responsibility. At this time, what they need is encouragement and morale. So instead of using relaxation techniques to overcome stress, it is better to encourage yourself to face stressful situations, such as watching a horror movie.

2. Use words and imagination to relax.

Through imagination, train your mind to “wander”, such as “under the blue sky and white clouds, I sit on the flat green grass”, “I am comfortable in the bathtub, listening to beautiful light music”. Relax and rest in a short time, so that you can have a mental nap, and you will feel peaceful, quiet and peaceful.

3. Put on the old clothes you like.

Put on a pair of favorite old pants and a loose shirt, and your psychological pressure will be alleviated unconsciously. Because wearing clothes for a long time will remind people of their feelings in a specific time and space, and people’s emotions will also rise for it.

4. Cry whenever you want.

Medical psychologists believe that crying can relieve stress. Psychologists have measured the blood pressure of some adults, and the results show that 87% of those with normal blood pressure say they cry occasionally, while most of those with high blood pressure say they never cry. It seems that it is much more beneficial to express emotions than to bury them deeply in the heart.

5. Embrace the big tree.

In some parks in Australia, many people embrace big trees every morning. This is a method they use to relieve psychological stress. It is said that hugging a big tree can release the happiness hormone in the body and make people feel refreshed.

6. Splitting method.

Please list the pressures in your life, one, two, three, four… Once you write them down, you will be surprised to find that as long as you “break them one by one”, these so-called pressures can be gradually resolved.

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