30 signals that the opposite sex likes you

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1、 I am very interested in your work, study and life, and even in your hobbies.

2、 Take the initiative to introduce all aspects of your situation to your family, relatives, friends, colleagues and fellow townsmen, and evaluate them “preconceived”.

3、 We will consult with you in case of any problem and ask for your opinions. We will take the initiative to ask you to make up your mind and find ways for major issues.

4、 Make every effort to inquire about your past situation and the situation of your family. Especially interested in your privacy.

5、 When introducing you to others, you often exaggerate your advantages and strengths, narrow or hide your shortcomings and mistakes, and even publicize your shortcomings as your advantages.

7、 Remember your birthday best, and often create some festive atmosphere or surprise for you on this day.

8、 On Valentine’s day, he will definitely give you roses and ask you out to enjoy. If you refuse, he will certainly be unhappy.

9、 Love to see your albums, care about the photos of young heterosexuals in the albums, and often ask you some strange questions to answer.

10、 Start to pay attention to your friends and colleagues of the opposite sex, and try to contact and understand them. If you fail, you will have a lot of suspicion, jealousy and even resentment.

11、 I hope to receive your letters and phone calls every day. If not, he will be disappointed and restless.

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