How to remove acne correctly? How to correct acne

Why do some people have acne on their faces? In fact, it’s not good to always have pimples on your face. Maybe you can’t find the reason why you have pimples. The reason for pimples on every part is different. Let’s learn about it together.

Where does acne grow and why?

Forehead: Liver

If you always have big pimples on your forehead, it means that your liver has accumulated too much toxin. In addition, acne on the forehead also indicates excessive anger and bad temper. It is recommended to ensure adequate sleep, go to bed on time, and let the body enter a dormant state. Even if you can’t sleep, it is also conducive to liver detoxification in a relaxed state.

Eyebrow Center: heart

Acne in the middle of both eyebrows is the most important thing to ignore. If palpitations and chest tightness often occur recently, it means that the vitality of the heart is weakened. It is recommended to pay more attention to protecting the heart, keep away from strenuous exercise, increase sleep, keep away from tobacco, alcohol and stimulation, and consult heart experts as soon as possible to find out the problem.

Temple: gallbladder

Pimples near your temples indicate that you have eaten too much processed food, causing gallbladder obstruction, and you need to have a quick body cleaning. If it’s not too serious, don’t worry too much. You can eat more bitter melon, cucumber, winter melon and so on to reduce the burden on the gallbladder. If there are signs of getting more and more serious, it’s better to go to the hospital for examination.

Alar nose: stomach

There are three possible factors for acne on the nasal wing: first, there is more sebum secretion. If there is slight peeling on the nose, it indicates that the blood circulation is not very good; Second, it may be related to ovarian function or reproductive system; Third, excessive stomach fire and indigestion can also cause acne on the nose. In addition, people who are often constipated and have bloated stomachs are also prone to rhinopox.

Face: lung

Pimples on your right cheek are the reflection of inflammation in your lungs. If your lung fire rises, your throat is dry, and you cough with sputum, pay attention to the pimples on your right cheek. However, such pimples usually appear in autumn, and are often accompanied by cough, pharyngeal itching, sore throat, sputum and other symptoms. It is recommended to fast sensitive foods such as mango, taro and seafood, and pay attention to respiratory tract maintenance.

Left face: blood circulation

Pimples on your left cheek indicate that your blood detoxification ability is reduced, which may be due to liver problems or blood circulation problems. It is recommended not to leave your body in the sultry state. You can take a bath with water slightly below your body temperature, go outdoors more, and eat some cold food, such as loofah, winter melon, persimmon, mung bean, etc.

How can I avoid the occurrence of acne?

Morning cleansing

In fact, my face is not so dirty when I wake up in the morning. Most people can wash their face with a lot of water, including oily skin and acne skin! When washing your face, warm water is the most appropriate. Don’t wash your face with too hot water, otherwise it will irritate your skin.

Cleansing at night

Don’t make up during the day, just wear sunscreen. In this case, acne skin only needs ordinary cleansing products to clean. Pure physical sunscreen is slightly harder to wash than physical and chemical sunscreen, but most amino acid cleansing products are enough to wash sunscreen. If you feel that you can’t clean it, you can wipe it with mild makeup remover first.

If you have acne, treat the wound first, and then use sunscreen

If you break the pimples on your face due to carelessness in receiving, you can’t use sunscreen immediately. It is recommended to use a mask to protect yourself from the sun first, and shield yourself from ultraviolet rays when you go out. Wait until the wound on the face where the acne has grown up, and then apply sunscreen. If it is a very serious acne or pustule that is crushed, it is best to see a doctor in time. If you want to recover from acne, the solution steps are: first, see a doctor, second, protect skin and moisturize, and third, stick to sunscreen even if you have acne. However, when it is not convenient to use sunscreen, you can use parasols, masks and sunglasses to block the invisible ultraviolet rays to prevent the damage of ultraviolet rays to acne.

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