In winter, the thicker the quilt, the better

In winter, many people like to be covered with thick cotton quilts, which they think is enough to keep warm to resist the cold of winter. In fact, a thick quilt may be warmer, but it will affect sleep.

what happens if the quilt is thick

A person with a thick quilt will feel oppressive and can’t relax the whole body, so the quality of sleep will decline, and it is easy to cause damage to the respiratory tract; In winter, there are fewer windows and less air circulation, so the indoor oxygen content is relatively small. Pressing the thick quilt on the chest may cause slight hypoxia, which is easy to lead to more dreams; The permeability of thick quilt is not so good. It is warm when sleeping at night, but it will increase the heat dissipation of the human body and open the pores. It is easy to get cold when getting up in the morning.

how to choose a healthy winter quilt

Now there are many kinds of quilts, ranging from cheap and good quality to complete functions. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, which often makes people dazzled when choosing, and there is no way to start.

Experts suggest that considering the lightness, warmth and breathability, duvet and wool quilt are the most suitable winter quilts. The duvet is light, thin and soft, with good moisture absorption and perspiration permeability. It will not feel oppressive. It is suitable for the elderly, children and pregnant women. It is also the best choice for patients with high blood pressure and heart disease. The wool quilt is hygroscopic and breathable, with high insulation and good elasticity, and is not easy to generate static electricity. It is very suitable for people who are afraid of cold, weak and sweaty.

Although the porous quilt, which is very popular in recent years, has a good feel and is fluffy and warm enough, it is not suitable for people with allergic constitution because it is a chemical fiber product and has poor moisture absorption.

note: the air circulation is poor in winter, so don’t cover your mouth and nose with a quilt when you sleep at night, so as to avoid poor breathing; Tuck in around your body to avoid air leakage; Don’t expose your shoulders and limbs to avoid catching cold.

It is not recommended to sleep naked in winter, but pajamas should not be too thick, otherwise it will affect the comfort of sleep. It is recommended to choose loose and fat pajamas, which are conducive to muscle relaxation and blood circulation. The fabrics are mainly natural fabrics, such as cotton and knitted fabrics with good ventilation and moisture absorption.

In addition, the human body needs to discharge sweat and some peculiar smell when sleeping. Therefore, the bedding should be dried regularly. The best way is to dry it in the sun. When you get up at ordinary times, you should often open the air.

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