Damp people should choose the place, the time and the item for sports

People who have been dealing with water and humidity for a long time have excessive water and humidity in their bodies, so they will be trapped and can get rid of water and humidity through perspiration. The “water dampness” should exercise more, one is to stimulate the Yang Qi of the body without being bullied by water dampness, and the other is to remove water dampness that enters the body.

choose a place to exercise, and the air is fresh dry

Avoid exercising in a humid environment. Exercise in a park or home with dry air. Why choose a venue? Because in humid places, people sweat more after exercise, and sweat holes are easy to open. Dampness evil enters the human body through sweat holes, aggravating uncomfortable symptoms.

exercise should be timed to avoid getting half the result with twice the effort

The time of day when Yang Qi and Yin Qi are vigorous is different. TCM believes that man and nature are a unified whole, and man himself is a unified whole. The human body is affected by various factors in nature. When the sun rises, the Yang Qi of nature rises. Similarly, when people wake up from their sleep, the Yang Qi also increases; At noon, the sun is in the sky, getting hotter and hotter, and the Yang Qi gradually increases to the peak of the day. Similarly, the Yang Qi of the human body also reaches the highest peak of the human body. Water and humidity damage the Yang Qi of the human body, so exercise should be carried out when the Yang Qi is rising, absorbing the Yang Qi of nature to strengthen its own Yang Qi and fight against the damp evil in the body. At night, Yang Qi weakens and Yin Qi gradually intensifies. You should avoid activities.

exercise should be selected to strengthen muscles and bones easily.

There are many kinds of sports. What kind of sports is more suitable for the “wet” group? Choose sports that can strengthen muscles, bones and joints, and avoid sports with heavy moisture (such as swimming). Strengthening the movement of muscles and joints can prevent water and humidity from invading the joints and causing joint diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Choosing a method that can coordinate the movement of joints can make strong muscles cling to. You can appropriately choose sports with more active joints such as rope skipping, running, climbing stairs, dancing, playing badminton, etc. It should be noted that not all people are suitable for sports. Those with joint lesions in the “wet” group should carefully choose sports to avoid increasing the burden of joints and causing further joint damage. They should take corresponding exercises and activities under the guidance of doctors.

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