Five tips to make acne disappear? 5 tips to eliminate acne

Acne is definitely the enemy of beauty lovers, and acne is always so stubborn. After removing acne, acne marks are still on your face. How can you make acne disappear?

Tips for removing acne and scars

1. Regulating endocrine

Endocrine disorders are often one of the main reasons for the growth of acne. As long as you improve your diet, work and rest habits, strengthen exercise, have sufficient rest and maintain your body, your endocrine disorders can be improved. Acne will naturally say goodbye to you.

2. Do a good job in anti-inflammatory work

When the acne is inflamed, you must do a good job in anti-inflammatory work, such as applying anti-inflammatory skin care products and ointment, not touching or squeezing the acne with your hands, and avoiding using any acne removing products containing hormones.

3. Wash your face thoroughly

Too much oil on your face will block pores, form bacteria, and cause acne. To fundamentally eradicate acne, you must thoroughly clean your face and remove excess oil, dirt and makeup when washing your face.

4. Choose acne products carefully

When choosing acne products, you should be very careful. The acne products that are most suitable for people with acne should be mild in nature and have oil control, cleaning and moisturizing effects.

5. Pay attention to diet

In terms of diet, you should prefer light food rich in vitamins and cellulose, and eat less spicy, high-fat, high-fat and warm food.

What can you eat to detoxify and eliminate acne

1. Kelp

Kelp has a good effect of reducing cholesterol and excluding radioactive substances. It can help us effectively remove cholesterol attached to the blood vessel wall, so as to keep the cholesterol value in the human body at a normal level. Moreover, because of its high water content, algin in kelp can form a gel like substance after entering the intestine, which can eliminate toxic substances and prevent the human body from absorbing heavy metals such as lead and cadmium.

2. Black fungus

To better detoxify, you should also eat more black fungus in your usual diet, which has a good effect of eliminating blood heat. Because Auricularia auricula grows in a humid and cool environment, Chinese traditional medicine points out that it has a good effect of Supplementing Qi, activating blood circulation, cooling blood and moistening, and in addition, it can effectively eliminate the heat toxicity in the blood.

3. Mung bean

Mung bean has the effect of detoxifying. It can effectively help the excretion of poisons in the body, thus ensuring the normal metabolism of the body. Whether it is alcohol poisoning, wild fungus poisoning, arsenic poisoning, organophosphorus pesticide poisoning, lead poisoning or other toxins, mung beans or mung bean soup can be used to detoxify. Mung beans are a good choice when it comes to what to eat to detoxify and eliminate acne. Therefore, people who often have acne may as well eat mung beans.

4. Radish

Radish is an indispensable vegetable in our daily life. Although it is common, it also has a good detoxification and acne removal effect. Through research, it has been found that eating radish often can effectively reduce the concentration of mercury in the body. After combining with mercury ions in the body, it can effectively reduce the concentration of mercury ions in the blood and effectively accelerate the discharge of mercury ions in the body.

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