Eight ways to help you reduce wrinkles

Are you worried about getting old? According to WebMD, some of your unexpected lifestyle habits can reduce your wrinkles, as long as you pay more attention.

method 1: sleep on your back

When you sleep on your side every day, your cheeks and chin will easily wrinkle; When you sleep with your face down, your eyebrows will tighten. Therefore, to reduce wrinkles, it is best to sleep on your back.

method 2: eat more fish

Salmon is a good source of protein and a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids. Experts say that basic fatty acids help nourish the skin, keep the skin plump and elastic, and help reduce the formation of wrinkles.

method 3: wear sunglasses

Sunglasses can prevent the skin around your eyes from being sunburned and prevent you from squinting in the sun.

method 4: don’t wash your face too much

The moisture and oil in the skin can protect your skin and prevent wrinkles. If you wash your face often, it is equivalent to washing off the “protection”. However, if your facial cleanser contains a moisturizer, or if you put on a moisturizer after washing your face, it is another matter.

method 5: rub more vitamins C

Some studies have found that face cream containing vitamin C can improve the production of collagen, prevent UVA and UVB damage, help reduce dark spots and even skin tone. However, it should be noted that you need to choose the most suitable face cream according to your skin condition.

method 6: eat more beans

Soy can improve your skin condition and even protect you. Studies have shown that soybeans can prevent or cure skin damage caused by the sun. And it can also improve the structure of the skin and even the skin tone.

method 7: replace coffee with cocoa

Some researchers have found that cocoa contains antioxidants, which can protect the skin from the sun, increase cellular moisture, and make your face look tender.

method 8: develop good skin care habits

Daily basic skin care is essential. You should spend less time in the sun, wear sunscreen frequently, don’t smoke, use moisturizing products every day, and so on.

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