Five strategies for warming your palace

You can wear clothes when your body is cold. What about your uterus? What kind of cold is that? It is said that sexual coldness and dysmenorrhea are only one or two of them. More importantly, traditional Chinese medicine believes that women’s aging depends on this. When symptoms strike, it is too passive to take medicine to relieve sleepiness. Smart women always take the initiative to control everything, and they will not hold their hands in front of Gong Han.

The uterus in traditional Chinese medicine is not only the “room” where babies are conceived, but also the gynecological reproductive system and related functions. Palace cold, the full name of “uterine cold”, does not mean that the temperature in the uterine cavity is low, but that the uterus and its related functions are in a serious low state. In the view of nature, this state is equivalent to the absence of the sun in the sky.

Is it true that no one can control the cold in the womb? According to traditional Chinese medicine, some of these colds enter from the outside and some come from the inside. What we need to do is to stop the source.

Signs of palace cold diagnosed by TCM

The menstrual blood color is dark, white and white, the face is dark or pale, the tongue is dark, and the tongue coating is white and slippery.

The leucorrhea smells fishy.

Ask about dysmenorrhea, chloasma, sexual coldness, delayed menstruation and even amenorrhea, cold waist and knees, and lukewarm limbs.

The temperature of the abdomen is low.

The cold state of the uterus is equivalent to the absence of the sun in the sky in nature.

Cold proof key:

● eat more warming foods such as walnuts, jujubes and peanuts, so that the congenital deficiency can be supplemented by the high energy after tomorrow. There is no need to worry about getting angry. The constitution of palace cold belongs to the deficiency of fire, and it is not easy to have the symptom of general heat.

● nourishing with Abalone

Chinese medicine believes that abalone is the best tonic for women because it can nourish yin, beautify the face, clear the liver and brighten the eyes. In the past, the traditional Chinese medicine pills presented by the Tai hospital to the empresses and concubines were mixed with abalone juice instead of honey. Therefore, Gong Han women should often make abalone food for themselves.

● warm palace soup

This food can warm the spirit of Yuanyang in the lower body. It is often used as a medicine diet for concubines in the Imperial Palace in the Qing Dynasty. The material is 0.5g of pilose antler powder, 1 root of Cordyceps sinensis, 1 egg, a little salt, and steamed together into egg soup. Long term eating can regulate the cold of the uterus, which is better than taking medicine.

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