Authoritative experts teach you simple and practical whitening methods

Whitening, antioxidant and sunscreen are indispensable

When choosing whitening products, whitening plus antioxidation is necessary, and sunscreen plus antioxidation is also necessary. In other words, whitening products, antioxidant products and sunscreen products need to be used at the same time. But don’t think that products that combine whitening, antioxidant and sunscreen are the best whitening products. Because whitening ingredients need to penetrate into the basal layer of skin to have whitening effect; Sunscreen ingredients should stay on the surface of the skin to avoid penetrating into the basal layer of the skin and hindering the growth of healthy cells. With the current formulation technology, it is difficult to intelligently leave sunscreen ingredients on the surface of the skin and whitening ingredients penetrate into the bottom layer of the skin.


Paula Begoun (an internationally renowned beauty and cosmetics expert, also known as “cosmetics police”)

Hydroquinone whitening products and sunscreen are the key points

Hydroquinone and sunscreen are the two most well researched and reliable whitening ingredients. Hydroquinone is also known as skin bleach in the United States. If your skin tolerance is good, it is recommended to choose 2% ~ 4% over-the-counter hydroquinone products, which will have a more obvious whitening effect. As hydroquinone is an unstable component, it will turn brown when it comes into contact with air and sunlight. Therefore, when buying this kind of product, it is better to choose opaque packaging, and it can’t be a wide mouth bottle. The press type small packaging at the mouth of the small bottle is the best, so as to avoid the failure of hydroquinone soon after it comes into contact with air. It is enough to choose SPF30 / PA + + + as sunscreen. You should apply enough sunscreen when using it. Don’t save it.

Saber Qianjin

Saber Qianjin (known as the godmother of beauty in Japan, he has skin at the age of 70 but has skin at the age of 40)

Lotion facial mask + Whitening Facial Mask

First make yourself a lotion facial mask, so that your skin can drink enough water and better absorb the ingredients in the whitening facial mask. The first step is to immerse 7cmx14cm cotton pad in pure water and squeeze out the excess water. Step 2: drop a drop of moisturizing makeup water on the wet cotton pad, the size of a dollar coin, and then faint on the cotton pad. Step 3: divide the cotton pad into 4 pieces and stick it on the face. The first piece is stuck between the lower eyelid and chin, and the hole is opened at the mouth and nose. The second piece is pasted on the eyes and forehead, and the third and fourth pieces are pasted on the left and right cheeks respectively. Step 4: take off the cotton pad after 10 minutes, apply the whitening facial mask on the whole face, and then add a layer of cling film. Step 5: after 15 minutes, wash off the facial mask, wet the cotton pad with pure water, pour the whitening and beauty solution, stick it on the color spot and cover it with cling film, and take it off after 20 minutes for normal care.

Mr. niu’er

Mr. Niu Er (Beauty Instructor, leader of China’s beauty industry)

Usage of wisdom whitening essence

Let me tell you the wisdom of whitening essence. First, apply the whitening essence on the whole face, then apply the essence on the T-shaped part, promote absorption by tapping, and finally apply it around the eye circles by tapping. Applying essence in this way can give more care to the T-shaped part and the eye circumference of the dull complexion, and the whitening effect is better. In addition to skin care, eat more food such as bird’s nest, white fungus, job’s tears, milk, pearl powder, etc., which can supplement rich protein and anti-inflammatory

Hiromi Kobayashi

Kobayashi Haomei (a famous beauty expert in Japan, who is nearly 50 years old and still maintains perfect skin, and the gold medal beautician of many hosts and stars)

Spoon care accelerates freckle removal

Spoon care can accelerate the absorption of whitening ingredients by the skin and make the freckle removal effect better. The method is very simple. First, prepare two spoons, one in hot water and the other on ice. Step 1: after taking the lotion, apply the whitening essence or whitening lotion normally, increase the dosage and focus on the spots, and gently tap with your fingertips to promote absorption. The second step is to cut the gauze into small pieces, apply the beauty solution with good whitening effect, such as hydroquinone and arbutin, and stick the gauze on the spots with medical tape. Step 3: stick the dry hot spoon on the adhesive tape and heat it for 10 seconds. Put the dry ice spoon on the adhesive tape for 3 seconds, and then repeat this three times. And for each piece of color spot with adhesive tape, do this hot spoon for 10 seconds + ice spoon for 3 seconds for 3 times. Use the stainless steel spoon at home.


Brian (the little prince of makeup in Taiwan, China, who also has unique views on skin care)

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