Hypoglycemia can be a vegetable!

In fact, hypoglycemia may be more terrible than diabetes.

In general, when you feel dizzy, sweaty and hungry due to hypoglycemia, you should eat some desserts quickly. In case of coma, people around should send the patient to the hospital for first aid as soon as possible.

Recently, 74 year old Chen boyin heard an advertisement saying that a certain drug “can cure all diseases”, so he went to “patronize”. On the evening of August 5, after taking the medicine, the old man began to sweat and roll his eyes. His family did not answer his call. After dialing 120, he was sent to the emergency department of Guangzhou Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine. When the doctor found that Chen Bo’s blood sugar was extremely low, he immediately injected 50% glucose intravenously to correct the hypoglycemia and intravenous drip glucose. Chen Bo gradually wakes up, but he has seizures again soon. His legs twitch, his head tilts back, his mouth closes tightly, his eyes turn up, his mouth sprays white foam, and he is incontinent. The attack lasts for 2 minutes. After rescue by the doctor, he is out of danger.

Wang Guihong, deputy director of the emergency department of Guangzhou Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine and a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, said that Uncle Chen didn’t have diabetes and didn’t need to take hypoglycemic drugs at all. However, he took hypoglycemic drugs indiscriminately because he believed in illegal advertisements. Even patients with diabetes usually only took one tablet at a time, while Uncle Chen took six tablets at a time. It’s no wonder nothing happened!

Severe hypoglycemia damages brain cells

Wang Guihong said that sugar is an important living substance of the human body. In daily life, people pay more attention to the treatment of hyperglycemia, that is, diabetes, but often know little about hypoglycemia. In fact, hypoglycemia is sometimes more terrible than diabetes, because when hypoglycemia occurs, the body lacks sugar to provide energy, and many metabolic activities are inhibited. Especially when severe hypoglycemia occurs, the brain will be damaged due to the lack of sugar to provide energy, and even coma will occur.

Wang Guihong pointed out that under the comprehensive effect of social, economic, environmental and genetic factors, the prevalence of diabetes is getting higher and higher. If the blood glucose is not well controlled, it is easy to be complicated with many acute and chronic complications, such as diabetes nephropathy and diabetes retinopathy. Therefore, patients with diabetes should go to regular hospitals for treatment, and take hypoglycemic drugs in a standardized and scientific manner according to the requirements of doctors. It is forbidden to treat themselves or change the dosage at will. If you don’t have diabetes, you can’t take hypoglycemic drugs indiscriminately to avoid hypoglycemia.

Wang Guihong reminded that under normal circumstances, when hypoglycemia occurs, people will feel dizzy, sweaty, hungry, and even coma and unconsciousness. At this time, the patient should be given some food quickly, preferably sweet food; In case of coma, you can’t wait and think that the patient will wake up after a while. Instead, you should send the patient to the hospital for emergency treatment as soon as possible. If the hypoglycemia of the patient cannot be corrected in time, the brain cells of the patient may be permanently damaged, or even become vegetative or die directly.

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