Find out the culprit who makes your skin dry

“My body’s skin is so dry. When I catch a white mark, what’s the matter?”

“I’m not. Your body won’t itch. I can’t help scratching when it itches.”

“Almost, the skin on my leg has become a shiny turtle like pattern, which is unbearable.”

What will happen to your body and skin? Is there such a phenomenon? Do you know why? Let’s find out the culprit of dry body in winter.

Culprit 1: in winter, the air humidity decreases with the temperature. Both the north and south of the Yangtze River, the degree of indoor and outdoor dryness has been greatly improved. Data shows that the indoor air humidity at this time is only 1 / 3 of that when it can make people feel comfortable.

Culprit 2: skin sebum secretion decreases in winter, and the skin is easy to become dry. It is easy to have skin itching and cracking.

Culprit 3: air conditioning. This is the well-known cause of dry skin. If the temperature of the air conditioner is too high, the moisture in the indoor air will be sucked away, and the moisture content of the human skin will be reduced accordingly.

Culprit 4: excessive maintenance. The dry climate in winter will cause the loss of skin moisture, but many mm still like to spray water on their skin. Unexpectedly, this will be carried away faster by the cold wind and air conditioning, which will make their skin drier and even cause turtle cracks.

Secondly, in winter, as the frequency of bathing is reduced, the dead skin of the body will increase. At this time, many mm like to use scrub cream or bath towel excessively to remove the dead skin. The effect of doing this can only hurt the skin and vitality.

Suggestion: it is better to use the scrub once a week, so that dry skin can easily absorb the moisturizing ingredients in skin care products. Try not to use bath liquid with high alkalinity, because it will make your skin feel tight and uncomfortable. It is recommended to choose a mild bath liquid.

Culprit 5: the bath water temperature is too high. It’s OK to keep the water temperature at 40 ℃ during bathing. The overheated water temperature will take away the natural oil on the skin and make the skin dry.

Culprit 6: towel after bath is the culprit. After bathing, most people are used to wiping their bodies with towels, which not only damages their skin, but also takes away the moisture on their bodies. The correct way is to gently pat the moisture on the body and apply the moisturizer when the skin is slightly wet.

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