Can you eat whitening pills? Doing so will make you farther and farther away from whiteness

Now there are many whitening products on the market, whether it is water emulsion or facial mask, which have whitening effects. We pay great attention to our skin state from the time we dress up. As the saying goes, one white covers three ugly. Only when our skin is white can we be beautiful. Now some people also take whitening pills. Is it really effective? Are there no side effects? Let’s have a look.

five crises of whitening

1. Melanin overproduction

Generally, melanin is a major problem affecting women’s lack of fair skin. Melanin is produced mainly because of ultraviolet rays in the sun. So now in people’s eyes, “whitening” and “sunscreen” have a certain connection, which are usually connected together. Ultraviolet radiation is very harmful. It can cause excessive dryness and desquamation of the skin, promote the production of melanin, and make the skin look rough and dark.

2. Poor protein function

In addition, because the human body has been growing, there may be a drop in protein soon after, which is also a major factor leading to skin deterioration. In addition, external stimuli, such as ultraviolet rays, pollution, and the state of the body (disease, stress), etc., will also affect protein metabolism, and cause the increase of oxygen free radicals, resulting in the oxidation of various functional proteins in the skin, yellowing of the skin, loss of tension, relaxation and dullness.

3. Poor hydration function

The water content of normal skin should be between 10% and 20%, so that the skin can be shiny, and the skin lacking water will appear dark and dry. Increase the moisture content of the cuticle of the skin, so that the skin can be watery and white.

4. Cuticle accumulation

The accumulation of old waste horniness on the skin epidermis will cause rough skin, hinder the metabolism of melanin under the skin, and lead to melanin deposition. At this time, even if whitening products are applied, it is difficult to be absorbed by the skin under the barrier of this accumulated stratum corneum. At the same time, the dark complexion of this reason will often be accompanied by oil secretion and acne.

5. Poor barrier function

If the barrier function of the skin is damaged, the moisture will be lost faster, the flexibility and plasticity will be lost, and the skin will be excessively stimulated by the outside world. Of course, the skin that can be broken by blowing will become dry and dull, and it may be sensitive and red.

skin whitening principle

laser cosmetic surgery

It can reduce skin color spots and whiten skin by destroying melanin in the skin. From carbon dioxide laser to erbium laser, and then non stripping laser, it can change skin color to a certain extent.

chemical skin replacement

Chemical skin exchange can destroy part or all of the epidermis, so as to quickly remove melanin from the skin and make the regenerated skin whiter. According to the depth of action, chemical skin replacement can be divided into three categories. No matter what kind of chemical skin exchange is, it needs to be operated by doctors in the hospital, which has certain risks.

What are the side effects of whitening pills?

increase the burden of kidney

Because the content of vitamin C in whitening pills is very high, if you take too much, it will lead to yellow urine. This is because excessive vitamin C can not be absorbed by the human body in large quantities, increasing the burden of kidney detoxification.

Does whitening pill have side effects? Whitening pills are oral health care products. Any health care product taken properly will be beneficial to the body, but if taken improperly, it will have side effects. So, today I’m going to talk about the side effects of whitening pills. Hz Huankou facial mask Xiaoyan reminds: it is possible that you will have problems after using it for a long time.

lead poisoning

In fact, as long as you choose whitening pills from regular manufacturers, you don’t have to worry about lead poisoning. Usually, those who lead to lead poisoning choose some whitening pills with “three no” products. In order to improve the efficacy of whitening pills, those black hearted merchants usually add lead components, so that girls will soon find that they have whitening effects after taking them. This kind of whitening pill with obvious whitening effect contains lead, and long-term use will definitely lead to lead poisoning. The whitening pills sold by regular manufacturers are usually extracted from plants. The ingredients are relatively safe, but the effect is not immediate. They need to be taken for a long time to have whitening effect.

lead to endocrine disorder

Because whitening pills are additional health products, long-term use of whitening pills can affect the endocrine of the human body, which may lead to endocrine disorders, such as irregular menstruation. If there is an endocrine disorder, you can go to the hospital for an endocrine examination or a sex hormone examination. If you have endocrine disorders, you should stop taking whitening pills immediately to avoid more serious problems.

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