What methods can be used to care for whole body whitening

Almost every girl wants to be a snow white and be accompanied by a prince who really loves her. In addition to yearning for Snow White’s love, she also yearns for her skin. As we all know, Snow White’s skin is white, so it is named Snow White. While most Asians have yellow skin, the less they have, the more they want. It has become a dream of many women to have white skin all over the body. It is not easy to whiten the skin. What methods can be used to care for the whitening of the whole body?

the most complete and effective method of whole body whitening

I. daily diet:

1. Usually drink more water, drink a large cup of warm water on an empty stomach in the morning, and drink a small cup before going to bed, so that cells can fully absorb water, which can effectively prevent the appearance of melanin and have whitening effect. If you add a slice of lemon to the water, the beauty effect is more obvious.

2. Many foods have whitening effects, such as peas, white radishes, carrots, asparagus, mushrooms, bean sprouts, loofah, cucumber, winter melon, etc. you should consciously choose in your daily diet.

3. After the sun sets, eat some fruits containing VC. Lemon, cherry, kiwi fruit, grapefruit and so on are all fruits that can whiten the skin. They help to whiten and ruddy the facial skin, and also remove wrinkles and spots. In recent years, many whitening products have been inserted with the extracts of these fruits. They contain rich vitamin C, which can moisturize and whiten the skin, effectively resist the formation of melanin, and keep the skin white and transparent.

4. Cooking mutton soup for yourself often also has a good beauty effect.

two bath whitening method

1. Milk bath method: put 1 liter of fresh milk into the bath water and soak it for 30 minutes after washing the body. It can whiten the whole body and remove aged horniness. If you think the usage of milk is too fierce, you can buy the milk bath milk on the market, as long as 20ml at a time.

2. Lemon Bath put two or three slices of fresh lemon slices in the bathtub and soak for 20-30 minutes. Lemon Bath can effectively eliminate physical fatigue, make skin smooth and tender, and the fragrance of lemon can refresh your mind. Lemon Bath can also effectively eliminate the thick cocoons on the heels and elbows, doubling the whitening effect of the whole body.

After bathing, when the skin is still slightly wet, you should quickly apply moisturizer with whitening function to deal with the particularly dark places such as neck, elbow and knee, and even make the whitening products of the face first, and then use the moisturizer to strengthen the whitening result. Together, bottom-up massage can not only help to receive, but also resist corruption and sagging.

3. Self made whitening and body protection film

1. Banana milk film: first pound the banana into a paste, then add whole milk, and then pour a small amount of water. Mix and stir bananas, milk and water in a ratio of about 3:5:1, and finally apply it to the skin of the whole body. After 20 minutes, clean it. As long as you use it once, you can feel the skin become tender and moist.

2. Vegetable whitening materials: half a bowl of mung bean powder + Cucumber and Western Celery (proper amount), evenly stir mung bean powder with warm water, and beat cucumber and Western Celery into juice after washing. After all mixing, apply all over the body and wash after 30 minutes. It can help exfoliate the skin, make the body emit tender natural light and help whiten the whole body.

four daily whitening and skin care tips:

1. Use weak acid facial cleanser and wash with milk.

2. The face cream should be hydrated and moisturized, but not oily. The skin has enough moisture and is naturally crystal clear The reason why we don’t use whitening is that almost all whitening products contain hormones and heavy metals. We can also use face cream with sunscreen effect.

3. Grasp the travel time. UV is the biggest enemy of whitening the whole body. Therefore, you should avoid traveling in the period with strong UV rays as much as possible. From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. is the period with the strongest UV rays in the day, which is very harmful to the skin. During this period, you’d better not travel. You should wear cotton clothes and umbrellas and apply sunscreen every 3-4 hours.

five whole body whitening methods and precautions for different skin types

1. Dry skin

skin characteristics: dry skin, especially in autumn and winter, is the root of color spots. Easy to wrinkle, fine lines, not easy to acne.

whitening formula: starting from supplementing skin moisture, moisturizing is the first job. Moisturize the skin with sufficient moisture and nutrition, maintain the normal metabolism of the skin, and resist dryness and pigmentation.

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