Can traditional Chinese medicine whiten? Try these traditional Chinese medicines

For people who love beauty, whether they are men or women, they will like their skin to be whiter. What should they do if they want to be whiter? The following are some Chinese medicines introduced by Xiaobian that can help skin whitening. They will not have side effects on our bodies. Let’s take a look with Xiaobian!

these traditional Chinese medicines can whiten

1. White stiff silkworm

“Compendium of Materia Medica” records: “honey and wipe the face, kill the black and darken the color, or add white morning glory, white stiff silkworm powder, water and mix it.” Shennong materia medica contains the effect of “eliminating black spots and making people look good”.

When the white stiff silkworm is used for beauty and spot removal, it can be used externally or orally. For external use, grind the white stiff silkworm into powder, mix it with honey to form a paste, apply an appropriate amount of it to the face after cleansing, and it has a good freckle removing effect. When taken internally, it can be fried together with white tuckahoe, white chrysanthemum, rose, loofah, etc. At present, the use of white stiff silkworm to whiten and remove freckles has been widely popular among modern women. If you also have trouble with color spots, you may as well have a try.

2. Angelica dahurica

It is fragrant, pungent and warm in nature. It has been regarded as a beauty product for generations. It can improve human microcirculation, promote skin metabolism, delay skin aging, remove facial stains and scars, and treat skin blisters and scabies. According to the book of scriptures, it can be used as a facial mask to grow skin and moisturize it Both “Qianjin Mianzhi recipe” and “Yurong powder” record that Angelica dahurica is the main medicine for making Mianzhi. It can whiten and beautify the body.

Put the angelica powder into a bowl, add the egg yolk and mix well. Add honey and cucumber juice, mix well and smear on your face. After about 20 minutes, wash dry with water.

Mash Angelica dahurica, grind it into powder, add honey and mix it into a paste. Apply once every two days, not more than 30 minutes at a time.

3. Cayratia japonica

Efficacy: whitening, treating facial freckles, clearing away heat and wind. Cayratia japonica has a special effect on whitening skin. It is recorded in the treatise on medicinal properties that “it can cure sores and blisters on the face.”

Efficacy of Cayratia japonica powder: whiten and eliminate spots, remove acne and marks, clear heat and detoxify, astringe rough pores, make skin bright and white, remove spots and control oil. Cayratia japonica has the effects of treating carbuncle sores, scalds, detumescence, and convergence after ulceration. It can be taken internally or externally.

4. White Poria cocos

External use can lubricate the skin and remove the sores on the face. According to the theory of medicinal properties, “white Poria cocos is the end. It is combined with honey and applied to the face to treat facial sores and black blisters of pregnant women, such as sparrow eggs.” White Poria cocos can not only remove the black and white face, whiten the skin, have solid teeth and dark hair, and prolong life.

Usage of white Poria cocos powder: take orally: take a spoonful of white Poria cocos powder, about 5g, and take it with boiling water, 2-3 times a day.

5. Atractylodes macrocephala

Whitening, acne removal, spot elimination, heat clearing and dampness drying, mite killing, dermatophyte treatment. Atractylodes macrocephala has special effects on whitening skin. It has an inhibitory effect on skin pathogenic fungi such as dermatophyte mist. The ancient book on medicinal properties records that “the main face is bright and pleasant, and the face is beautiful and freckled.” Use Atractylodes macrocephala dipped in wine (or vinegar) like grinding ink, and evenly smear it on the plaster to whiten and treat freckles and black spots. Saint Doctor Li Shizhen once said that this prescription is the “ultimate” in treating freckles.

6. Pearl powder

Whitening, moisturizing and acne removing. The kinds of amino acids contained in pearls are: aspartic acid, threonine, serine, glutamic acid, glycine, alanine, cysteine, desmin, methionine, isoleucine, leucine, complexine, phenylalanine, lysine, histidine, arginine, proline, 2-aminoethanesulfonic acid and taurine.

traditional Chinese medicine whitening

1. Three white facial mask

Materials: 1 teaspoon of angelica powder, white Poria cocos powder

2 teaspoons, 1 teaspoon Bletilla powder, aloe juice, honey or milk.

How to do it: mix the above three kinds of powder, add honey in winter, and add a few drops of milk if you feel sticky. In summer or for super oily skin, just add milk to moderate it. Apply to the face for 20-30 minutes each time.

2. Whitening and tightening facial mask

Materials: 18 grams of Angelica dahurica, 18 grams of Bletilla, 18 grams of Ligusticum, 18 grams of aconite, 1 egg white, 20 ml of distilled water.

Method: grind the medicinal materials into fine powder, mix them evenly, add egg white, if thick, add an appropriate amount of distilled water, mix well, apply to the face for 20-30 minutes, and wash when the dressing is 8 minutes dry.

3. Nourishing and whitening facial mask

Materials: 30 grams of Angelica sinensis, 30 grams of chuanxiong, 130 grams of Angelica dahurica, 30 grams of Leonurus japonicus and 15 grams of black plum.

Method: grind the material into very fine powder and bottle it for standby. Every night, take an appropriate amount of milk to make a paste and apply it to the face, wash it when it is dry, and use it for 15 to 20 days.

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