To turn white quickly after military training, we only need to do the following:

The college entrance examination has passed, and the students who have received the college notice have begun to pack up their bags. In a while, they will get up and go to college to experience their dream college life! Military training is an entrance test that every college student must go through. At this time, it is a hot summer day, and the sun is like fire. Every day, the girls who return to their dormitories and believe that they love beauty are complaining that their original white skin seems to have been black for several degrees. Can they turn white quickly after military training? Just do this.

I. moisturizing and repairing after sunburn

The principle of tanned skin is actually that the skin barrier function is damaged, resulting in a large amount of water loss, a decrease in skin resistance, and finally an increase in melanin, which makes people darker. Therefore, the skin that has just been sunburned must be hydrated and repaired. On the night of being exposed to the sun, you can apply a Hydrating Facial Mask to your face, or apply a moisturizing lotion to wet your face. Replenishing water can not only alleviate the damage and sensitivity caused by ultraviolet rays, but also pave the way for subsequent whitening.

Second, grasp the golden age of whitening

The golden age of whitening is 3 days after water replenishment and repair. A friend said that if you tan, you won’t be white. In fact, it’s not. Because melanin is metabolized, it’s just that some people’s melanin metabolism is faster, and some people’s melanin metabolism is slower. Using whitening products is to make your whitening speed faster.

In the selection of whitening products, of course, we should choose mild whitening products. When you see the following ingredients, you can buy them with confidence: Vitamin C, salicylic acid, retinoic acid, tranexamic acid, and other extracts (licorice, ginkgo, aloe, etc.). They basically whiten the skin by reducing melanin synthesis substances, inhibiting melanin synthesis, and promoting melanin metabolism.

can whitening foods and needles on the market whiten the skin?

1. Whitening food can whiten but has limited effect

I believe everyone has heard of lemon water whitening. The reason is that lemon has a high vitamin C content. In theory, vitamin C can indeed inhibit the formation of melanin, but the problem is that the vitamin C we usually take is basically digested. How much do we have to eat to have an impact on the skin? Moreover, drinking so much lemonade, one of the side effects is to cause excessive gastric acid, and the other is to damage enamel, leading to various tooth problems.

2. Whitening needle, not recommended

The main reason is that the current national review of whitening needles has not been formally passed. In order to highlight the good efficacy of their own whitening needles, some beauty salons may add large doses of prohibited ingredients, such as hormones, lead and mercury, to the formula, creating the illusion of obvious temporary effect, which actually causes great harm to the body and mind of beauty lovers. So it’s safer to be honest and practical with whitening products.

3、 Sunscreen every day

Since I have repaired my skin and used whitening products, do I still need sunscreen? In the same word, you should sunscreen all year round!!! Because ultraviolet rays exist all year round, including rainy days. If you only get sunscreen in summer, no wonder your skin is swarthy.

White and tender skin is the dream of thousands of female friends and even most men. In life, in addition to the young men and girls in military training, office workers will also find that after a summer of white skin in early summer, they will be more or less black. Therefore, through the above learning, we know that sunscreen is a thing that needs to be persevered and done every day. If you get sunburned by accident, you should quickly follow these points and come back before autumn.

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