Can milk bath really whiten?

For those friends with dark yellow skin, daily care is definitely necessary. How to maintain skin and how to whiten it? In our life, there are many ways to whiten, and milk bathing is one of them. Many people have done this. Do you know that milk bathing can really whiten? How to take a bath can play a whitening effect? What are the methods of milk whitening at ordinary times? Next, let’s go to know with Xiaobian.

can milk bath whiten?

1. Milk and water can whiten

Milk and water are mixed in the ratio of 1:1, then poured into the bathtub, and then the whole person is immersed in the bathtub. Slowly massage the skin with both hands to make the skin better absorb the nutrients of milk. In this way, it can not only moisturize the skin and restore the delicate skin, but also achieve the whitening effect.

Efficacy: after adding milk, the bath water will become very soft. Even for sensitive skin with “hot water will irritate the skin”, this bath method will not bring irritation. In addition to moisturizing, milk can also tighten and astringe the skin.

2. Honey Bath can whiten

Add honey directly to warm water, and prepare about 1% honey aqueous solution. Wash your face or bath, especially “Honey Bath” has obvious effect on eliminating fatigue, and can also make your skin smooth and smooth. You can also smear your whole body with honey before taking a bath, especially the soles of your feet, knees, elbows and other parts. After 10 minutes, soak in the bathtub, and then wash it again with soap. After taking a bath, you will feel greasy and creamy.

3. Lemon Bath can whiten

Lemon is known as the queen of skin care. It can not only deeply clean the skin, but also prevent and treat dark spots and freckles. It also contains vitamin C, folic acid, iron and more acidic ingredients, which can increase skin elasticity and calm the skin. Fresh lemon can also be replaced by lemon essential oil. Add 10 drops of lemon essential oil when taking a bath.

Bath and health care in addition to regular milk bath, women can also choose lemon for bath and health care. Many women like to use lemon for beauty and skin care every day.

how to take a bath can whiten

1. The temperature of bathing must be controlled well, because the excessively high water temperature will stimulate the pores of the skin, and water shortage will easily occur. The water temperature is adjusted to be 2-3 degrees Celsius higher than the body temperature. Inject two thirds of the water into the bathtub, and be sure to touch some water temperature with water.

2. Then pour an appropriate amount of red wine into the bathtub, and then immerse the body in warm water evenly.

3. Immerse your body in the bathtub. After five minutes, let your hands massage your whole body. When you feel that your body is slightly hot, it means that alcohol has played an effect, and the nutrients of wine have begun to slowly penetrate into your skin.

4. Wait until the soaking time is up, and then you can thoroughly clean with water.

5. After bathing, you must apply moisturizer to strengthen moisturizing care in time. Because the alcohol remaining on the skin can easily take away the moisture of the skin.


Xiaobian reminds us here that before taking a bath, we should clean our face in advance, so as to avoid clogging pores with dirt and effectively prevent the growth of acne.

The wine used need not be expensive, but it must be real red wine, otherwise it is easy to damage the skin, and may cause other skin symptoms.

Note that the water temperature cannot be set too high, because the vitamins, fruit acids and other nutrients in wine are easy to lose under high temperature, which will lose the significance of bathing.

milk whitening methods

1. Milk stout pear Cleaning Facial Mask

Mash 50g stout pears, filter with double gauze, take the juice and transfer it into 1 cup of fresh milk. After mixing, take the milk of stout pears, apply it on the face and neck, massage, and wash it off after about 15 minutes. Stout pears must be washed before use.

2. Milk steam face Bath

After 250 grams of fresh milk are put on the inner fire of the pot to boil, it is changed to slow fire to let the milk boil in the pot to generate steam. At this time, put your face on the steam of boiling milk, keep a certain interval, close your eyes, and let the steam of boiling milk blow to your face, which makes your face feel wet and comfortable;

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