How to use BB cream? Is it really effective?

BB Cream is very common, but almost everyone knows it. Xiaobian found that many girls have misunderstandings when using BB Cream . How can BB cream paint better? Now let Xiaobian pass it on to you. Since the popular Korean vegetarian makeup, every woman likes flawless natural makeup, but it is difficult to do without the help of a makeup artist. At this time, BB cream has become the Savior.

No complicated makeup steps are required. Simple BB cream can complete sunscreen, isolation, concealer, whitening and other steps. No wonder the trend of BB cream has continued to this day. BB cream is a must-have cosmetics for Chinese and Japanese girls. It can easily cover up skin defects, make skin more beautiful, and make people look more beautiful. Compared with the basic solution, BB lotion is more convenient, lighter and transparent. But Xiaobian found that many girls have more or less misunderstandings about the use method, so how can the use effect be better? 1。 Before using BB cream, basic care must be taken. Use water, milk and essence before using skin cream. Although BB cream has certain skin care functions, it can not completely replace skin care products. Before using BB cream, we should first take basic skin care in our daily life. The bottom layer of cosmetics is enough. There is no need to add other cosmetics. Some people want better results. After BB cream, add alkaline liquid, and the feeling of 1 + 1 is greater than 2.

In fact, BB cream is enough for makeup. As long as it is applied gently and evenly, the base makeup will become thicker, which is not conducive to “breathing”. 3. After BB cream, remember to remove makeup. BB cream is equivalent to base liquid. If you don’t remove your make-up, just use detergent, which may cause pore blockage, so you must remove your make-up carefully. After removing makeup, wipe the skin with a clean paper towel to confirm whether the makeup removal is completed. If the paper towels are clean, it means that the cosmetics have been removed. Use cosmetics correctly to keep them beautiful!

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