What are the easy-to-use BB creams and what should be paid attention to when using them?

An easy-to-use BB Cream is very important for girls. Basically, every girl who loves beauty will have one. Although BB Cream is easy to use, the effect of Concealer is also very good. But so many girls don’t have good results, because they can’t use BB Cream correctly, which will make their skin worse and worse. The skin remains moist and is no longer prone to dryness and deterioration.

BB cream can’t be mixed with foundation make-up. When making up, many girls like to use BB cream and base liquid together. I think makeup will be more like this. But in fact, mixing two kinds of different cosmetics together will only make the cosmetics more unnatural, easy to block the skin, but will make the skin worse.

Be sure to wear sunscreen when you go out!, If you want to make your skin white and tender, girls should apply sunscreen on themselves, but many girls here will make the same mistake, that is, let our skin gradually become tanned. Ultraviolet radiation. Fourth, BB cream is a kind of cosmetics, which needs to be completely removed. Even BB acid with clear texture can easily cause skin blockage when applied to the face for a long time. Therefore, after using BB cream, you must do a good job in removing makeup to prevent BB cream from depositing on your face and deteriorating your skin. Little fairies should pay attention to this point.

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