24-hour, 24-hour, time-sharing whitening, 24-hour, 24-hour, time-sharing whitening

The concept of all-weather whitening and skin care is what we have always emphasized. But how can we truly achieve all-weather whitening? Effective time-sharing whitening maintenance is the key. Do a good job in blocking UVA and UVB in the daytime, prevent ultraviolet radiation and environmental factors such as black spots, freckles and uneven skin color; In order to further inhibit the growth of melanin at night and repair damaged cells during the day, it is necessary to grasp that the golden time for skin repair is from 10:00 at night to 2:00 in the morning, and use appropriate night whitening care products to give skin 24-hour whitening care, so as to achieve perfect whitening effect. Complete whitening comes from bit by bit accumulation.

Daytime whitening

In addition to whitening and sun protection, anti-oxidation is also one of the keys for whitening products used in the daytime. Only in this way can the regeneration of melanin be completely prevented and photoaging be prevented.

Step 1: remove the horniness of the previous night, wash your face with cold water.

At night, the skin metabolizes quickly and the cutin accumulates rapidly. In the daytime, the use of gentle exfoliating whitening and cleansing products can help remove old cutin.

Step 2: divisional lotion, oil control and whitening can be completed in one time.

For T-zone and u-zone, use astringent lotion and whitening and moisturizing lotion respectively. Tap along pores to increase water saturation, make skin fresh and moist, and give skin a transparent texture.

Step 3: whitening and sunscreen around the eyes to prevent photoaging.

The fragile eye area is the blind spot of sunscreen and whitening. Using exclusive eye area sunscreen and whitening products can help to whiten the eye skin safely and prevent deep pigmentation and dark circles around the eyes

Step4: anti oxidation, whitening and protection, sun protection, water tight.

Apply whitening and sunscreen products on the whole face 30 minutes before going out. After the sunscreen products are fully dried, a sunscreen net can be formed to start to play a role in sunscreen protection.

Night whitening

Night is the prime time for skin self-care, and you must not miss the time of night for whitening and maintenance. Because the keratin metabolism at night is fast, you should also take the opportunity to remove spots.

Step 1: Double wash to completely remove sebum and dirt.

During night maintenance, first remove the make-up, and then use a whitening cleanser to remove the melanin remaining in the cuticle.

Step 2: whitening lotion to improve the subsequent whitening penetration.

You may as well choose a whitening lotion containing Chinese ingredients, which not only whitens but also fights inflammation and regulates skin health. When you feel dark, you can use cotton pad to apply lotion to brighten and exfoliate.

Step 3: whitening essence, focusing on spots.

Whitening essence can concentrate on fighting against pigments and spots, which is the key step of whitening at night. When applying it, start from the spot you care about, and apply it in the order of cheekbones, pores on both cheeks, T-shaped parts, forehead and chin.

Step 4: cream nourishes and whitens skin all night long.

At night, it is best to use cream type Whitening Night cream that is moist and not thick. The skin friendly nature of cream can bring whitening ingredients deep into the skin, moisturize and lock water, so that the skin can be immersed in whitening care all night long.

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