There are many KTV parties in summer. How to protect your voice

Gathering friends to find a KTV to sing has become one of the ways for many people to relax and entertain. But after singing, there are often discomfort such as dry throat and sore throat. How can we avoid these problems? Try the following methods.

warm up before singing choose some “warm-up songs” that are easy to sing, such as lyric songs with a slower pace and a lower tone. Even if you are good at rock music, you should not sing it at once. It’s better to put it in the back.

sing two songs and have a rest continuous singing will make the voice overwhelmed. After singing two songs, stop or take turns with others to let the vocal cords have a rest. In the process of singing, we should pay attention to protecting our voice, master our vocal skills, and avoid using our voice too much.

sing fewer high pitched songs when encountering songs that exceed their pronunciation and are very difficult to sing, many people have to shout out. This can easily damage the vocal cords and muscles that control vocal cord movement, resulting in hoarseness, congestion and edema of vocal cord mucosa, rupture of blood vessels, bleeding, and acute vocal cord inflammation. Therefore, when singing, we should sing less loudly.

drink less cold drinks and more boiled water at the end of a song, many people will happily drink a cold drink or cold beer. However, when the vocal cords are tired and stimulated by cold drinks or alcohol, they are prone to congestion, edema, and sudden loss of voice. The best drink for singing is warm boiled water, which is conducive to protecting your voice. Honey water is also a good choice, which can quickly repair your tired voice.

often go outside the private room to breathe when singing, you should take a proper rest, avoid staying in the room for a long time, and it is best not to exceed 2 hours each time, and keep the indoor air fresh. People with chronic laryngitis, allergic rhinitis, asthma, chronic tracheitis and other respiratory diseases should stay in private rooms as little as possible and often go to places with good ventilation.

don’t eat spicy food after singing the days after singing are the “fragile period” of your voice. You should pay attention to protecting your voice. It is suggested to reduce long-term speech, drink more warm boiled water to keep the throat moist, and drink less strong tea, coffee and cold drinks. Don’t eat spicy and fried food to reduce the irritation to the throat. Avoid clearing throat and coughing.

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