It is said that this product has better whitening effect. Is it true

What are the whitening methods and how to whiten and protect skin? No woman wants to have flaws on her face. Many women want her face to be white, especially unmarried young girls! How to whiten the skin? How to use glycerin and white vinegar? In fact, the whitening effect of glycerin white vinegar is relatively direct. Come and have a look!

white vinegar plus glycerin beauty method

White vinegar and glycerin can whiten beauty formula 1: coarse black skin

White vinegar: Glycerin = 2:1, often rub on the skin, 2-3 times a day, which can make the skin moist and reduce melanin deposition. After one month, the skin will be delicate, white, smooth, elastic and full of beauty

White vinegar and glycerin whitening and beauty formula 2: Super skin moisturizing secret recipe

White vinegar + glycerin + one or two Astragalus membranaceus, this formula is very moisturizing and a little sticky, so you don’t need to apply skin cream after use. This formula is suitable for use at night

White vinegar and glycerin can whiten beauty formula 3: dry and itchy skin

White vinegar: Glycerin 4:1 mixture, when the pores are opened after washing or bathing, and the skin is not dry, apply it to the skin, which has a good effect

White vinegar and glycerin can whiten and beautify formula 4: the formula of goblins

White vinegar: Glycerin: pure water = 1:2:4, more white vinegar in summer and more glycerin in winter

Can white vinegar and glycerin whiten? If you put too much glycerin, it will be sticky. If you use face cream later, it will stick together. Therefore, you can use more white vinegar, but if you think the vinegar taste is too strong, add some pure water!

glycerin and white vinegar moisturizing method

Glycerin is a substance with strong water absorption, which has a very good moisturizing effect when applied to the face. After mixing glycerin and white vinegar in the ratio of 1:2, add one or two Astragalus membranaceus and mix well.

glycerin and white vinegar antipruritic method

People with itchy skin can mix glycerin and white vinegar in a ratio of 1:4. After bathing, apply the mixed glycerin and white vinegar to the itchy part of the skin, which can quickly relieve the itchy feeling of the skin. Save the remaining glycerin and white vinegar for use. When the skin starts itching again, simply clean the skin, and then apply the adjusted glycerin and white vinegar on it.

glycerin and white vinegar summer whitening method

Because glycerin is relatively oily, if you use glycerin and white vinegar to whiten your skin in summer, it may be very uncomfortable. So when you want to whiten your skin with this method in summer, you can add 4 parts of pure water to the 1:2 glycerin and white vinegar, which can also make your face feel clearer and play a whitening role.

the beauty effect of white vinegar and glycerin

1. Glycerin can be used as a Hydrating Facial Mask: soak the facial mask paper in purified water (the best when chilled) for standby. After facial cleansing, apply a thick layer of glycerin on the face, gently massage with your fingers in circles for 3 minutes, so that it can be fully absorbed. Apply the soaked facial mask paper on your face for 105 minutes, take it off, and then apply a little glycerin on your face to keep your face calm. After a few minutes, glycerin will be fully absorbed, with excellent hydrating effect, which will surprise you, Sighed that she had become a water woman. It will be much easier to make up on the second day. This facial mask is non irritating and can be used every night. You can also change the water soaked in facial mask paper into milk to be more nourishing, or add pearl powder to the water to have whitening effect, which can be properly blended and used according to your own skin.

2. Can be used to moisturize the whole body: in the process of bathing, put thick glycerin on the cleaned face and body, so that the whole body can fully absorb the humid air in the bathroom. After a few minutes, wash it with clean water. After bathing, you will feel that your whole body is full of water, your body is relaxed, and your skin is not dry. I use a full bottle of JMS every time I take a bath. If I use JMS, I can mix it appropriately. It depends on my personal preference.

3. Glycerin can be used for hand moistening: pour an appropriate amount of glycerin into water, rub both hands together until they are hot, and apply it on the back of the hand where it needs moistening. The effect is the same as that of hand cream. Because glycerin absorbs the moisture in the air to moisturize the skin, it is more suitable for use in humid areas in the south. Of course, it can also be used in the north, but the effect is not as good as that in the South ~ ~ I use it as a hand cream myself ~ ~ I can also use it as a foot mask after washing my feet at night.

[instructions for use of glycerin and white vinegar]

1. Pay attention to the ratio of glycerol and white vinegar

Blending glycerin and white vinegar in a certain correct proportion can be used for beauty and skin care, but it should be noted that the amount of white vinegar should not be too large, because white vinegar is very acidic. If it is too strong, it will be very irritating to the skin, resulting in skin damage. It must be diluted to a certain extent with glycerin and fully mixed before it can be directly used on the skin.

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